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August Looms

23 July 2023

So summer’s been nuts.

Partially because of [NDA], and partially because I’ve been making an effort to spend more time away from my desk since my partner and moved to Vancouver Island, I’ve had zero time to update my site. I did, however, want to share something that’s kept me sane over the past few months.

That is my garden.

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The lettuces arrived first and stuck around for a few weeks in the late Spring

Something I lacked in Ontario was the ability to garden. Space was always an issue and, because I grew up in BC, I never really figured out the differences in climate or growing seasons, etc.

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Tomatoes on the vine were a childhood staple

Back on Vancouver Island, it was fairly easy to slide back into familiar patterns. I grew up on a small farm about 15 minutes from where I am now, so starting my garden back up was a homecoming in many ways.

Growing decorative plants (alongside fruits and vegetables) was a new luxury.

I made sure to take full advantage of the garden space and packed it full of sunflowers, poppies, hollyhocks, and more.

My only regret was not taking a good photo of my 7ft tall foxglove before she inevitably collapsed. Less inevitably, she collapsed right onto our poor Main Carrier as he dropped off a parcel.

20230723 200330
Tiny cukes, rapidly expanding

My garden has a distinct personality. She is methodical.

First, she offered lettuce.

Then onions.

Then herbs. Then raspberries. Then peas.

Now, the cukes are in season. As soon as they fade, I’ll be faced with nothing but dozens and dozens of vine-ripened tomatoes.

Either, my garden is systematically trying to turn me off of every type of produce…

…or she’s desperately begging me to Google “staggered planting”.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe next year.

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